Daily Archives: October 2, 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge: Night-Time Rush Hour in Mwanza

A submission to this weeks photo challenge on the theme of night time. Taken just know as we’re stuck in traffic. The early sunset and late finish to work makes for a daily night time crawl home for the locals.IMG_8966.JPG


Living In Harmony

Isamilo is a school with a wide range of ethnicity and nationality.As I wandered around the playground on duty today I was struck by how harmonious things were. The playground was as noisy as any I’ve been in and the littlest ones were madly dashing about as per usual (the school runs from 5 to 18). What was interesting was to see the groups of children across the playground. Wazungu (White expatriate), Wahindi (Indian Tanzanian), Tanzanian and Arab (Omani Expatriate), all intermingled. In the UK my general experience was that students tended to segregate. It’s nice to see a more harmonious approach here. I think it is reflective of the general peace found in this part of the world. Tanzania seems to my early eyes a stable and peaceful country. Whether it is or not the peaceful co-existence of Hindu, Muslim and Christian is good news at Isamilo where the students seem quite comfortable with their differences and happy to be friends.