UK Bucket List

T Minus 50 On a lighter note (see last post). Here’s something I prepared yesterday 🙂 With 50 days to go I have decided to post a UK Bucket list of things I would like to do before I leave the UK. This is a mirror post to my East Africa Bucket List

  1. Visit Alton Towers Theme Park
  2. Swim in the Atlantic
  3. Have a Beach Barbecue
  4. Eat a Cream Tea (either Devon or Cornwall)
  5. Paddle in the North Sea
  6. Climb Steep Hill and visit Lincoln Cathedral
  7. Visit the Cotswolds
  8. Visit London – see the sights again
  9. Go Punting in Oxford
  10. Climb a hill (Dovedale, Ivinghoe Beacon or Crooke’s Peak)
  11. Visit Clumber Park
  12. Run 10K again (a recently torn calf muscle make this more challenging than you might imagine)

Many of these are built around places we’ll be going in the next 50 days but even so the list is ambitious – we’ll just have to see! However, we have just used Tesco Vouchers to get 4 free tickets to Alton Towers 🙂

5 responses to “UK Bucket List

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  5. Go for it! Of course I’d say that: it’s my job! lol


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