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Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast (Spikes)

A submission to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasts

A shameless reblog of an earlier post – it fits the theme by the contrast between the prickly globes transformed into the soft petalled spheres on theflowery bloom.  These are globe thistles

Garden Chronicles (Not)

T Minus 51

Unfortunately one plant has not appeared which is a regular in our garden year on year :-(. So instead these are from Anita’s work place. Globe thistles!20140702-191036-69036200.jpg




T Minus 51

One month today we hope to leave the house! So today we need to put in place those 30 day cancellation periods.

So this evening it will be phone calls to Satellite and Broadband providers, dishwasher and washing machine providers (we hire them!) and other insurance policies which form part and parcel of home ownership in the UK.

Another sign of leaving MK on our road to Mwanza.