Daily Archives: July 11, 2014

Dumping and Sorting

T Minus 42

Tonight’s jobs included a trip to the recycling centre (dump) to ditch more stuff. Stuff which was considered worthy of keeping but now needs to go.
Now I am reuniting CD’s with their cases prior to storing. We have the mp3 versions ripped from the disk and transferred to iTunes. The overall volume of disk and case is less than the case and storage pod used until now, do it has to be done. It’s a mammoth task though.20140711-202119-73279224.jpg


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Anita’s parents took other boxes to be given to charity shops. We’re getting there – slowly!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic (Tin Mine)

A submission to this weeks photo challenge : Relic
An disused Tin Mine on the North Coast of Cornwall near St Agnes. A relic of a long gone industry.