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Weekly Photo Challenge: (European) Partners

This week’s photo challenge is on the theme of Partners – on this sad day for Europe I share this montage of European Cities I’ve visited in the various countries of the EU. All partners  Austria, Czech Republic ,Denmark, Estonia, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy and Spain.

Then there’s Britain – who after today no longer wants to be a partner. 😥

Jubillee Flotilla (27)



Weekly Photo Challenge: European Descent

A submission to this Week’s Photo challenge. All pictures taken across Europe looking down on various cities and landmarks.








Null is not the Point

T minus 104

It is Eurovision time again! For those of you outside of Europe this is the Eurovision Song Contest,

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It’s Not Safe Out There!

T Minus 105

It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.

J.R.R. Tolkien – The Lord of the Rings

With all the news from Nigeria and South Sudan recently; with stories of terrorism in Kenyan Shopping Malls, unrest on the streets of Egypt and Tunisia making the headlines in recent years, Africa does seem a little risky.

You might be forced to conclude that It’s Not Safe Out There!

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T Minus 126


As part of an aim to blog earlier travels before leaving for Tanzania,  the  Italy Page is now live with content from out trip to Rome and the Vatican.

Follow the link to see much more detail and more pictures. 😀

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T Minus 127


As part of an aim to blog earlier travels before leaving for Tanzania,  the  Denmark Page is now live with content on our entire trip to Denmark.

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T minus 133
As a child I wanted to visit every country in the world. As yet this aim has not been achieved. However, I have travelled widely in Europe and can count the following in the list of places visited Continue reading


T minus 133

The up coming journey to Tanzania to live will be immense.

For me, Graham, although I have travelled quite widely through Europe and more recently spent a week in Africa and a month in South East Asia, it will be the first time he has lived abroad. Continue reading

Passing 5K

T minus 135

About a year ago I took up running as a way of losing weight, keeping fit and improving stamina ahead of a trip last summer that was to include trekking in Vietnam and in Cambodia.


It is unfortunate that all the house preparations in recent weeks have prevented me from doing this.  When up to speed (forgive the pun) I usually run between 3 and 8 miles – though I have been known to run 10-12 on rare occasions. My aim and intentions over the Easter break is to get back into running – though a heavy cold at the moment is hampering this goal. I would also like to get back into the 5K Park Run locally – though I realise running in Tanzania might be more of a challenge (I’m no Mo Farah!) and I might need to find some other form of exercise.



On the subject of  5K, in all the pleasure I had in sharing my Liebster Award yesterday, and all the Deck Painting. I completely forgot to mention that our blog has now surpassed 5000 views and  is attracting over 100 views per day on most days. As you can see a number of bloggers are visiting from Asia, as well as those from Europe, North America, Australasia and Africa.

Thanks to all those of you visiting my site it’s much appreciated.

Country Views
United Kingdom 4,797
United States 110
United Republic of Tanzania 52
South Africa 46
Sweden 27
Ireland 24
Australia 24
Germany 22
Thailand 17
Singapore 14
Spain 9
Taiwan 9
Malaysia 8
Greenland 8
Lao People’s Democratic Republic 8
Canada 7
Norway 6
France 6
New Zealand 4
Italy 4
Venezuela 3
Gambia 3
Isle of Man 3
Philippines 3
Uganda 2
Malawi 2
Indonesia 2
India 2
 Republic of Korea 2
 Netherlands  1
 Bulgaria  1
 Czech Republic  1
 Austria  1
 Belgium  1
 Portugal  1