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50K Up

Just after we entered 2015 this blog passed 50,000 views. Thanks for all those who have visited from across the globe. It’s just under 11 months since our blog started back in Milton Keynes. Now I sit here in Tanzania our African Adventure entering its 5th month with so many memories already and a lot more to come.

We’ve had visitors for many countries across the world in these past 11 months. Map 2015


These are the top 26 countries shown in flags, the map shows them all. It’s not surprising that most are from the UK and Tanzania, along with the US. Good showings from Anglophone countries and Europe.

Although the map does not show it, in fact we have had visitors from China and Iran too but I assume that proxies and mobile phones may have meant they don’t register.

Blanks include Francophone Africa (including Mali, Niger and Congo DRC); Guyana, Surinam and Uruguay in South America; Panama, Honduras and Belize in Central America; Papua New Guinea and Tonga in Australasia; Montenegro and Moldova in Europe; Afghanistan, Bhutan & Myanmar in Asia. It will probably be a long time before I get some visitors from these places, but it is always interesting when a new one comes along. Recent newbies include Mauritania, Albania and Armenia. The flag counter at the side of this page gives another view of visitors.

Wherever you come from wishing you a Happy New Year for 2015 – thanks for coming – Karibuni!


30 000

T + 22

Amazing – today this blog surpassed 30000 views. This in just about 7 months.
Thanks to all those visitors from across the planet who have bothered to take an interest in our adventure. Now we are here in Africa we look forward to sharing some of the things we are doing here. Look out for the Wildlife Pages coming soon.

What’s the Point?

T Minus 58

It’s 5am and I’m awake unusually early this morning. No idea why but I’ve tried getting back to sleep. Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s midsummer and already bright outside, but here I am and wide awake.20140625-051756-19076131.jpg
I don’t really think I have ever chronicled the reason for this blog. I reckon this post should probably have been written at the beginning but it wasn’t so here it is.

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T Minus 74

Yesterday I surpassed 200 followers and 12500 views (approaching 10000 from UK). Thanks to all of you who are taking the time to visit, like and comment on this blog gradually painting the globe with countries too, with visits from the Middle East and North and West Africa in recent days. 20140609-202751-73671639.jpg

The top 24 countries for viewing.

The rest




My Views

T Minus 94

Thanks a lot for joining our journey to Tanzania.

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Blogging across the Planet

T Minus 103

One of the fascinating things I have discovered in the past few months is the blogging community and the way you can get a real insight into every day life across the planet. As someone who enjoys seeing new parts of the world but who as yet seen such a small portion of the world outside of Europe it has been an eye opener.
It is also fascinating to see the locations of visitors recorded on the views counter day by day. We passed 9000 views yesterday so thanks to all who have been and read the musings of my daily life.



Some of you are anonymous – others I know through other Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
Another group of visitors are fellow bloggers and it has been great to see your locations through the pictures taken and words written. I have tended to seek out expatriate bloggers living or travelling in a foreign land as this is something we are embarking on.
Other bloggers are photographers and fellow participants in the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.

Here are just a few of the blogs who with whom I have interacted. There are more to the right if you are interested.





























There are also some blogs about our future home



This is just a reflection of the travellers and photographers and writers from across the globe. There are many others and if I missed you off – no offence is meant. I have valued the likes, follows, views, visits and comments of you all.

Have a great Sunday or Monday depending where you are in the world. 🙂

Thank You

T Minus 126
Today we got our 100th follower and have now surpassed 6000 views.

Thanks to everyone who is reading and following our blog. It is really appreciated. Happy Easter everyone. For those who are on holiday enjoy the break.

A question for those established bloggers out there. Does anyone know why some countries have shown up in one blog count but not another e.g. Japan, Pakistan, Zambia, Lithuania, Kuwait?

Passing 5K

T minus 135

About a year ago I took up running as a way of losing weight, keeping fit and improving stamina ahead of a trip last summer that was to include trekking in Vietnam and in Cambodia.


It is unfortunate that all the house preparations in recent weeks have prevented me from doing this.  When up to speed (forgive the pun) I usually run between 3 and 8 miles – though I have been known to run 10-12 on rare occasions. My aim and intentions over the Easter break is to get back into running – though a heavy cold at the moment is hampering this goal. I would also like to get back into the 5K Park Run locally – though I realise running in Tanzania might be more of a challenge (I’m no Mo Farah!) and I might need to find some other form of exercise.



On the subject of  5K, in all the pleasure I had in sharing my Liebster Award yesterday, and all the Deck Painting. I completely forgot to mention that our blog has now surpassed 5000 views and  is attracting over 100 views per day on most days. As you can see a number of bloggers are visiting from Asia, as well as those from Europe, North America, Australasia and Africa.

Thanks to all those of you visiting my site it’s much appreciated.

Country Views
United Kingdom 4,797
United States 110
United Republic of Tanzania 52
South Africa 46
Sweden 27
Ireland 24
Australia 24
Germany 22
Thailand 17
Singapore 14
Spain 9
Taiwan 9
Malaysia 8
Greenland 8
Lao People’s Democratic Republic 8
Canada 7
Norway 6
France 6
New Zealand 4
Italy 4
Venezuela 3
Gambia 3
Isle of Man 3
Philippines 3
Uganda 2
Malawi 2
Indonesia 2
India 2
 Republic of Korea 2
 Netherlands  1
 Bulgaria  1
 Czech Republic  1
 Austria  1
 Belgium  1
 Portugal  1



Flag Up!

T Minus 137
Visitors continue to view from across the world. Thanks to all for coming.

Stats courtesy of Flag Counter (from 1st March to date)

Painting the World with 3.5K

T Minus 149

I like statistics and as an avid consumer of Geographical data – the stats, indicating where visitors have viewed from, fascinates me. Today we reached 3,500 views!
Who are the visitors?

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World View

T minus 161

Views from across all continents.

Views from across all continents.

A month ago we started this blog. In that time we’ve had over 2300 views from all over the world and it’s not that long since we had our first 1000.  Thanks for reading.

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