Passing 5K

T minus 135

About a year ago I took up running as a way of losing weight, keeping fit and improving stamina ahead of a trip last summer that was to include trekking in Vietnam and in Cambodia.


It is unfortunate that all the house preparations in recent weeks have prevented me from doing this.  When up to speed (forgive the pun) I usually run between 3 and 8 miles – though I have been known to run 10-12 on rare occasions. My aim and intentions over the Easter break is to get back into running – though a heavy cold at the moment is hampering this goal. I would also like to get back into the 5K Park Run locally – though I realise running in Tanzania might be more of a challenge (I’m no Mo Farah!) and I might need to find some other form of exercise.



On the subject of  5K, in all the pleasure I had in sharing my Liebster Award yesterday, and all the Deck Painting. I completely forgot to mention that our blog has now surpassed 5000 views and  is attracting over 100 views per day on most days. As you can see a number of bloggers are visiting from Asia, as well as those from Europe, North America, Australasia and Africa.

Thanks to all those of you visiting my site it’s much appreciated.

Country Views
United Kingdom 4,797
United States 110
United Republic of Tanzania 52
South Africa 46
Sweden 27
Ireland 24
Australia 24
Germany 22
Thailand 17
Singapore 14
Spain 9
Taiwan 9
Malaysia 8
Greenland 8
Lao People’s Democratic Republic 8
Canada 7
Norway 6
France 6
New Zealand 4
Italy 4
Venezuela 3
Gambia 3
Isle of Man 3
Philippines 3
Uganda 2
Malawi 2
Indonesia 2
India 2
 Republic of Korea 2
 Netherlands  1
 Bulgaria  1
 Czech Republic  1
 Austria  1
 Belgium  1
 Portugal  1



8 responses to “Passing 5K

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  3. I took a month off of running, and it’s SO. HARD. to get going again. I used to be able to run 8km pretty easily, but almost died yesterday running 3km!! I think the trick is to never take a break. 😉


  4. There are a fair few runners out here Graham – I’m sure that you can find someone to run with! You can also join the year 8 trip to the Kili marathon (either running the whole, half or 5km fun run!)


    • Thanks for the info. Do they run up the mountain itself or around it?
      Great news on the World Cup win by the way. You must all be very proud. Were all the children from the Mwanza area?
      Enjoy the Easter Break.


  5. Fabulous milestone and testament to such an engaging read 🙂


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