Hot Runnings

I must be mad and though I’m not a dog I’m definitely English, furthermore although it wasn’t the midday sun, here on the equator it was strong enough. So why did I go running?

The answer is Running Club. Each Thursday after school from about 3:30 a group of staff accompany students on a run. The aim of the club is to get students fitter and there are two groups – fast runners and slow runners. I’m with the slower group who (for now) run just under two miles in a circuit from the school gates. Today it was tough – the shade temperature approaching 30°C. Even though there was a short break half way (for the students) the hills and heat were a drain. I did the distance in 23mins which is slow compared to UK times where I have run 3.2miles in 26mins. I haven’t run for 6 weeks so I will improve – it’s not just the students who are getting fitter!


2 responses to “Hot Runnings

  1. Well done! It’s hard to imagine such temperatures while we’re having warnings of snow! Think snow as the sun and sweat pours down and the dip in the pool at the end!

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  2. Well done, bro. Nice one! 🙂 Keep going!


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