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Village Visit: A Day in Nkome

After the journey out the day before. I woke up, having had an excellent sleep and was offered water for a shower.  Definite reminders of life in Malawi, having a cup-shower in an outdoor bathroom.  The water was hot and afterwards I felt refreshed and ready for the new day.

I walked round to find out what was happening in the family and found 2 of the daughters preparing breakfast – chapatti + beans.  A meal I would usually associate with evening time!

One of the daughters started to bath her niece in a bowl (and reminded me of when I used to bath Bex like that when we were away, at a similar age).  I helped too – baby Jane is a real cutie.



After breakfast, one of the sons, Majid, who is a secondary school teacher, took us all around the local area.  It was really interesting to see all the different crops growing, including chilli which made me think of my sister + brother-in-law’s chilli sauce business “Chilli Bugs“.

Part of the walk took us through a fishing area and then to the main centre of Nkome

We ended up quite a distance from home, so we took 2 pikipiki’s (motorbike) back to Onyango + Jane’s house)….
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…in time for lunch (at 3pm).  This time we had a lovely meal of chicken, goat, rice, ugali, greens and also some mango.

The building which will provide the office and centre for the project that Joel is working on.  It’s only recently been finished, but needed a bit of the painting touching up which Joel attended to, whilst I chatted to other members of the family.

Nkome, is situated by the lake and so many people earn money through the fishing trade.  Jane, took us out to the nearby lake shore, and we met people drying fish and fishing nets.  Later, after we had all gone to bed, Jane, went out in the middle of the night, when the fishermen return to the shore with their catch of dagaa (small fish), to buy some that she will later sell at the market.  She returned to the house at 2am.  She told us that most of the time she breaks even and it’s a bonus when she makes a profit!  However, she takes the view that she has to try to help provide for the family.

After we returned from the lake shore, we were offered masala tea which is spicy, sweet and refreshing.  However, as the sun was also close to setting, Joel and I walked to the lake shore (only about a minute’s walk away), together with our cup of tea, which caused great hilarity by the locals! – to try to get a good sunset photo!

Dinner was chicken, plantain, ugali, greens and also some pineapple.  Again delicious.  We then chatted together before turning in early as we had to leave the house at 4:30 am to catch the 5am bus to return to the ferry port.  It was going to be an early start and in the dark as sun rise is at 6:30!