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Boy’s Night

Thursday evenings is the night of a weekly gathering of the male members of staff and some spouses for a meal and a few beers.
It’s a weekly ritual which has taken us to a wide variety of restaurants, bars and hotels across the town. Each week a different person chooses a venue for the following week. We have been to many places across town including.

  • Ryan’s Bay
  • Kingdom Hotel
  • La Cairo Hotel
  • Villa Park
  • The Joint
  • Isamilo Lodge
  • You Long
  • Diners
  • Talapia
  • Rich Man
  • Yatch Club (not a typo that is how it is spelt)

Tonight it was the Pigeon Hotel

Numbers have varied from as low as three to as high as thirteen as it was at the Pigeon Hotel this evening. It’s been a good way to get to know colleagues and the town at the same time.

Food is not overly expensive ranging from as low as 8000 TZS (£3) in the local bars up to 16000TZS (£6) in the more upmarket establishments. With a coups of beers prices tend to be about 15-25000TZS (£6 £10) all in,

Typical of many Tanzanian eating establishments the food can take over an hour to arrive which can be a little annoying as can be sorting the bill out after with the odd attempt to add in extras which keeps us all on our toes.Having said that the food has generally been nice and  it’s a good night out.


View from the top of the Pigeon



View from the top of the Pigeon Hotel