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Weekly Photo Challenge: Dinnertime (for the Birds)

A submission to this weeks photo challenge Dinnertime. With a little artistic license as these photos were taken at Breakfast – but the African Pied Kingfisher certainly enjoyed his fish ‘dinner’.

Taken at Mwanza Docks –  on route to Rubondo Island February 2015.

A second Dinnertime a few months later at Wag Hill Lodge near Mwanza – this time a Swap Fly Catcher eating a Dragonfly for ‘dinner’.



Wag Hill Wildlife

Wag Hill Lodge is just a few miles outside of Mwanza, the rough roads make it about half an hour by car, but in reality it’s a few miles.  So close and yet so far – this applies to the environment too. The area is forested and landscaped with a number of lodges surrounding central buildings and a pool. We stayed there last weekend for two nights and had a great time. One of the great attractions of the place is the wildlife and in particular the bird life. Here are some of the wildlife we encountered


Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Way

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “On the Way.”

Mathis weekend we are staying at Wag Hill Lodge, near to Mwanza, but a million miles away. We are here celebrating our twentieth anniversary.  Here are some pictures from on the way.<ahref=”https://tanzalongs.files.wordpress.com/2015/05/image8.jpg”&gt;image image image image image image

Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird (Wag Hill)

A submission to this week’s photo challenge: Early Bird. A couple of photos from our November trip to Wag Hill. There are more pictures of the Dawn here.

Wag Hill Dawn 1 Wag Hill Dawn 2


Six Months in Tanzania

Six months have come and in our new Tanzanian home. We landed in Mwanza on 22nd August and so our first full day here was the 23rd. Half a year on I share some of the pictures which have been part of our time here. For those on Facebook I have shared something similar but some different pics here.


Getting our bearings and making new friends.

September – Start of term, Nature, Malaika Beach

October – Travelling beyond Mwanza (Camping and Serengeti)

November – Birthdays, Fairs, Wag Hill and The Rains

December – Zanzibar and Christmas

January – More birthdays

February- Rubondo

Wag Hill Dawn

Whilst away at Wag Hill we had a fantastic dawn on Sunday morning – although many of the photos are already in the Wag Hill post I thought they deserved their own post with a few extra. The photos were not of the sunrise  in the East, but of the effect of the light on the storm clouds out to the West.

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