Spice World

Zanzibar is a rich and fertile island. Today we were able to go on a Spice Tour and find out more.
We were taken to a farm and given the chance to see numerous spice plants and also fruits growing in the forest.

Lemon Grass
These are grasses with a lemon fragrance. The leaves are more flavoursome than the stalks.


These tubers grow like ginger underground.



These berries grow along branches on the ground.



The small green / red fruits.


The bean like pods on this vine.


The following both come from the same plant – Mace is the outer coating to the Nutmeg, both within the fruit.

The coating of the central ‘stone’ of the fruit.


The central ‘stone’ of the fruit.


Pepper (Peppercorns)
The centre of the pepper ‘berries’


These are tree buds.


The underground tubers of the plant we all recognise!


The bark of the tree dried then rolled into sticks.


3 responses to “Spice World

  1. Very interesting! 🙂


  2. Ginger is my favourite and very good if your tummy is out of sorts. Loved seeing all the other spices.

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  3. Fascinating local seeds, nuts and berries! As for turmeric, have it in everything. It’s extremely healthy for you: antioxidant, healing, alkaline and potent: http://www.energiseforlife.com/wordpress/2014/11/05/turmeric-users-guide/

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