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Murdered for the Colour of their Skin

Tonight we are watching a powerful film at school – entitled “In the Shadow of the Sun”. The story of the plight of being a person with albinism right here in Tanzania and locally here in Mwanza and Ukerewe. The guest speaker is one of the main protagonists in the film Josephat Torner. It’s a challenging watch in parts but worthy. This last week has been International Albinism Awareness Day. I wrote this blog piece earlier this year on the same theme.


Over six months I have made this blog a positive journal of our life and experiences here in Tanzania. This post is not one of them.

Tanzania is a lovely country in lots of ways, and the people are mainly friendly and good natured in my experience, but beneath the surface there is a darker side to a very small minority; real evil. It’s centre is this region of Tanzania where people are being murdered and dismembered because of the colour of their skin.

Their skin is white, but they are not Caucasian.

They are African but different to most Africans.

They suffer from Albinism, a genetic difference which means that a person  has no skin pigmentation or hair colour. It is a rare condition in Europe and North America, where 1 in 20000 people possess a degree of albinism. However in East Africa it is much more common with 1 in 1400…

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