Beginning of the End!

T Minus 45

ACE week is a different sort of week at work. An alternative curriculum week at the end of term in which students learn in different places. Today I am at Legoland Windsor with a bunch of Year 7’s. A place I shall visit twice more this week. 20140708-110645-40005653.jpgYesterday I was at Marlow Camp, the annual Year 8 residential under canvas on the banks of the Thames. Sailing and what euphemistically called a hike but in reality was a moderate walk. It’s a different kind of week, with different kinds of pressures.

Today has been fun so far – height restrictions on the students meant that I had to go on the Pirate Ship (twice) and the River Rapids. I’m not sure it’ll be so much fun by Friday. My role is to supervise a group of students and to act as a contact point so now I am sitting on a bench waiting for their next check in at 11:40 and blogging.


20140708-115805-43085964.jpgI think what makes this all the stranger this year is the fact that ACE week always heralds the start of the end of term. Although we return to lessons next week it won’t be quite the same. Of course this year is my last ACE weeks and so this really is the beginning of the end. Strange times indeed!

4 responses to “Beginning of the End!

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  2. and one other qt: your school yr goes til July!? When does it begin?


    • School starts in September and finishes in July. Year 1 students are 5 when they start school. So year 7 are 11 or 12 (most 12 now). I think is similar to the Grade system but a year more.


  3. so how old are year 7 and 8 kids in your ed system? Ive always been a bit confused by it!


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