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Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra Extra Colour

Here is another submission to this weeks photo challenge – extra extra. These were taken on our holiday in Brittany and the Loire in 1999at Le Lude, where we saw a fabulous Son et Lumière show, the light adding an extra dimension to the walls of the old chateau.


Dwelling Places

T Minus 65

I could have titled this post From Haverhill to Mwanza, but “Dwelling Places” it is.
One of my favourite words in the English Language is ‘dwell’ it has so much more to it than the word ‘live’ which is often used to replace it. Dwell has depth and solidity, a word of permanence.
The provision our new house to be and the imminent completion of sale on our current house has got me reminiscing about the places I have dwelt. From Haverhill in Suffolk to Lincoln to Nottingham to Milton Keynes to Mwanza.