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Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasts

A submission to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasts


Taken on our trip to the Vendée in 2009 – a silhouette at sunset

Vendée Iphone 019

Empty Corridors, Empty Rooms

T Minus 56

I work on two sites geographically separated by 2 miles. Lower School on one side of town has the first three year groups (Years 7-9) whereas Upper School has older students (Years 10 -13). Upper school is more spacious and green, whereas Lower school is much more compact and concrete.
By it’s nature therefore Lower School is more bustling and noisy. This is especially true in the ‘dog days’ of summer when the Year 11 and 13 students have left. I notice this particularly on Fridays, when I spend the morning at Lower and the afternoon at Upper. Most of the rooms are empty at this time of year- the place is quiet and the greenery provides some tranquility. Lower school remains unchanged, which sharpens the contrast.







My new school is single site but also many fewer than the 2000 plus students on both sites here (with 330 students in each year group). One of the big changes will be working in a much smaller community. The Isamilo Campus looks nice though.
It will be interesting to experience this different world after 11 years here!