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Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra Extra

Here is my submission to this weeks photo challenge – extra extra


Theme Park 030



We were at Lightwater Valley Theme Park and the rest of my family wanted to go on “The Claw” – a ride which spins you which way and everywhere. I’m not good with these rides – so I decided to stay below and take photos. My wife also took photos on the ride as it span wildly.

Amazingly she caught a photo of me taking a photo of the ride. So I am an unexpected extra in this photo.

My own photo is below

06 Lightwater 029

Friday Costa

T Minus 70

It’s a ritual. It started two years ago. At the time Anita was recovering from Her broken arm and undergoing physiotherapy on a Friday afternoon. I was able to finish work early for a few weeks and we always would pop to our local Costa (a UK coffee house franchise) for a drink after the session. It’s become a routine, not every Friday, but most Fridays. Usually for me it’s a Skinny Mocha, for Anita a Toffee Creamy Cooler. Today however (given the heat) it was a Strawberry & Lime Cooler for both of us. It’s a nice routine to have.

I imagine that Mwanza is unlikely to have a Costa let alone a Starbucks 🙂 , although Tanzania is a coffee growing country – we’ll need to find another weekly treat. I’ll miss my Costa Coffee though.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Rooms (For Sale)

Rooms for Sale

A submission to the Weekly Photo Challenge : Room 

With all that is happening with our impending move I had to make this last minute submission. The many rooms of our house ready for viewing when we put our house up for sale in February.