Daily Archives: June 12, 2014

Out of the Frying Pan……

T Minus 71

…….. into the Fire! The temperature in my car just now is 28°C20140612-182220-66140368.jpg Coincidentally this the average daily temperature in Mwanza for the next week is 28°C.

20140612-182551-66351749.jpgSo in a sense weather wise we are experiencing Tanzanian Temperatures at the moment. It’s been a fabulous weather day here, hot, dry and sunny is exactly how I like it. The weather in Mwanza will be hot and sunny, though not always dry. A further thing to note though is that it gets a little hotter (31°C ) and a lot more humid, although it’s currently the dry season the temperature is similar in the rainy season too!
Adjusting to the weather is one of the many acclimatisation a we will need to make, but today’s weather is a taste of Tropical Tanzania.