News from Foreign Parts

T Minus 89

Today we have the opportunity to hear from a different part of the world. To find out about those working in different places. The place in question is Guatemala.

Our church supports a number of people and organisations working across the world in some form of development role. In places as diverse as Philippines, Romania, Sri Lanka, Rwanda, Zambia, Peru and Guatemala.
I am a member of the Mission Partnership Group and today is Mission Sunday. Mission is not just about evangelism – converting people to Christianity. It is true, that those working are Christian and that their faith motivates them. However, it is about meeting the needs of poor and underprivileged people providing homes for orphans and street children; administering medical help and counselling; delivering education, and training; generating employment; building infrastructure.
When we go to Tanzania we will be going for employment, unlike those who work in a purely mission capacity. However, we will hopefully be able to engage in some of the activities above especially education 🙂 We too hope that we will be supported – not financially, but as fellow Christians and members of St Mary’s over the next few years.
Today though it’s a chance to hear from Benjamin Downing from Guatemala.


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