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Weekly Photo Challenge: Alphabet Games

A submission to this week’s photo challenge:Alphabet  

alphabet playing games with words

Playing Games with Words


Snail Mail

Today we received three letters and five parcels. It was a strange mix of late Birthday Cards/Gifts (from
Anita’s family and my brother and sister-in-law) and an early Christmas Card from Mum.
Postage can taken an age to get out here from the UK. These items took between two and three weeks to get here – all arrived in tact even the one with cake ingredients (which was a surprise – we imagined them to have been impounded). Part of the issue is that post to the school is collected only twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday). Having said that it seems a little quicker to post things from here to the UK. Taking approximately 10 days to travel. However, for those sending things out here I reckon you need to leave a month to be safe.

IMG_9104.JPGBy the way African Snails are Enormous!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Letters 6

One more contribution to the Weekly Photo Challenge taken last year in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Both relate to food.



The Blue Pumpkin

We had a fabulous Ice Cream ‘breakfast’ in this restaurant.

Notice the script, which is in Khmer the language of Cambodia. The Khmer language has an unusual Script which is very different to ours in the West but also different to other surrounding countries.

Blue Pumpkin Restaurants make their own ice hygienically, which meant we could safely eat it.

This is  unlike many of the restaurants where ice is sawn off a larger block on the back of  a lorry by hand before being dragged through the streets into the kitchen (Yuk!).

In the same town we came across this sign advertising smoothies.


A roadside sign advertising Smoothies for a different restaurant!

I don’t fancy number 5! Do you?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters 5

This image of me was produced on a Dot Matrix Printer at the Science Museum in 1977. If you look closely you will see it is composed of thousands of letters and other characters. It was quite revolutionary in it’s time – several years before printing as we know it.

Weekly Photo Challenge:Letters


Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters (Anita 1)

IMAG0861_BURST002_COVERHow long do people with ‘mobility issues’ have to pull over for? Bit unfair don’t you think?!!!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters – 4

Scrabble has to be the most famous game of letters. This is my fourth submission to the Weekly Photo Challenge

20140427-083059.jpgAny ideas what 7 letter word you can make from this selection of letters?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters – 3

This is my third submission to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters.

Waddeston (139)

Taken at Waddeston Manor in September 2012.


Other submissions are  here

Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters – 2

My second submission to the Weekly Photo Challenge .

M&M or maybe T&T?
It’s time for a Saturday morning ‘cuppa’. 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters


This signpost at the start of a wonderful summers walk through a lovely part of the Lake District (Etterdale) in August 2013. This is my first entry into the Weekly Photo Challenge  on the theme of Letters