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Picking Up The Post

There is no postal delivery here in Mwanza, no postman (or woman), no early morning deliveries.
All mail arrives at the Central Post Office where it is collected by the school twice weekly. Letters for the whole family arrive in my pigeon hole at work.
IMG_9616.JPGParcels must be collected in person with a slip, in the same way we do in the UK when mail is oversized or is underpaid. Here all parcels must be collected and it’s not a swift process. I am here on a Saturday afternoon (the post office is open later here) and having stood around for 15 minutes and still waiting I have sat on a step and started writing this blog piece. Thee is a long queue of others also waiting. I am here to pick up a mystery package addressed to Anita and though this blog piece is at an end my wait is not.


Post Script
Two parcels arrived after a further 5 minute wait – so only 40 mins waiting!!

Snail Mail

Today we received three letters and five parcels. It was a strange mix of late Birthday Cards/Gifts (from
Anita’s family and my brother and sister-in-law) and an early Christmas Card from Mum.
Postage can taken an age to get out here from the UK. These items took between two and three weeks to get here – all arrived in tact even the one with cake ingredients (which was a surprise – we imagined them to have been impounded). Part of the issue is that post to the school is collected only twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday). Having said that it seems a little quicker to post things from here to the UK. Taking approximately 10 days to travel. However, for those sending things out here I reckon you need to leave a month to be safe.

IMG_9104.JPGBy the way African Snails are Enormous!

What’s the Point?

T Minus 58

It’s 5am and I’m awake unusually early this morning. No idea why but I’ve tried getting back to sleep. Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s midsummer and already bright outside, but here I am and wide awake.20140625-051756-19076131.jpg
I don’t really think I have ever chronicled the reason for this blog. I reckon this post should probably have been written at the beginning but it wasn’t so here it is.

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