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Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers of People

A submission to this weeks challenge : containers.

Cambodia / Vietnam Border

Borders are the biggest containers of them all. Random lines on a map, the contours of mountains or rivers or a line drawn on a map by someone who has never been there.
This border post contains the Vietnamese or the Cambodians depending upon which side you are on. This also featured in Thresholds

Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers on the Window Ledge

A submission to this weeks challenge : containers.

These vases were on the window ledge of my school office. Today I left that school and that office behind me but I have kept the vases.20140722-194046-70846292.jpg

Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers (on the High Seas)

A submission to this weeks photo challenge : containers.. I took a photo of this vessel from a Tall Ship (Morning Star) in 1992 whilst sailing from Dover to Vlissingen in the Netherlands. The English Channel is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world with ships like this one transporting containers the size of lorries all around the world.
Morning Star (4a)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

A submission to this weeks challenge : containers.

So much of our lives at the moment revolves around containers of things – as we make our move to Tanzania. Containers for storage, for dumping, for selling, for giving away.20140718-182017-66017972.jpg



All so we can fit things into cases for our flight.