Ta! Ta! Thame

T Minus 31

Today was my last day at work. After 11 years it’s goodbye to Thame and my school. A strange day in so many ways – strange to think I won’t see many of my colleagues again, certainly not in a long while. Tuesday is a day when I teach on both sites – so started at Lower School, depositing the microwave in the team room. Last lessons are always a bit surreal and a bit of a wind down, year 9 lesson 1 then up to upper school for year 10. The last clear out of the office and a bit of work on my leaving speech in lesson 3 then it was all over. End of an era.
The last day of term is a shorter one followed by a staff picnic and leaving speeches. In truth mine was a bit
Long but I wanted to thank the key people including my own team among many others.20140722-165733-61053480.jpg




20140722-165949-61189182.jpg I had some lovely gifts from myteam and colleagues, including an electric bug swat, a life straw, a Swahili phrase book, a device charger, wine and an iTunes gift card.

So it’s goodbye to Thame, next stop Mwanza! We fly out a month today!

6 responses to “Ta! Ta! Thame

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  2. GreT memories, bro. 😊


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  4. Janet Kingdon

    True to say you lived up to your name with your farewell speech! But you left a lot of people feeling their part in your life over the last 11 years was very appreciated …. good luck in your pastures new!


    • Thanks Janet – enjoy your last few years before retirement, and when it comes may it be a happy one. We both outlasted Gove and that’s a celebration in itself.


  5. Hope you had a good last day at LWS, it can be quite emotional all those “goodbyes”. It has been an interesting journey reading you blog, especially the bits that I am familiar with – it has been good to see some “old faces”. I hope that you can keep the blog going when you get out to your new job – I would be really interested to hear about that. If life gets too hectic to make that possible, make sure you send me the odd email. It would be good to keep in contact. Regards to all in the Long household.


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