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Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic (The Optimism of Youth)

A submission to this week’s photo challenge: Optimistic

This picture taken almost 35 years ago on holiday in the then Yugoslavia (or possibly Austria).  

 What was I thinking way back then what hopes and dreams did I have.  I recall at that age the idea of being an Oceanographer appealed. I’d given up the pre-teens ambition of being a zoo keeper when I realised all it entailed. I certainly had a yearning to travel and in that sense my optimism has been fulfilled 35 years on as I am living and working in Africa. 


It’s In The Trees!

We have Bats in our Mango tree – I say our, it’s just outside our garden but on the compound where  we live. I was taking photos for my previous post (Broken Branches) when I noticed them. I was able to snap some clear photos of them roosting and some fuzzier ones of them in flight. They are very fast and silent flyers so I will need to be patient and get some more focused ones in the future.

Incidentally, the phrase “It’s in the trees” comes from a Kate Bush song “Hounds of Love”.  It’s a bit of a catch-phrase in the family – it’s usually followed incorrectly by “When I was child”, The origin is over twenty years old from a time in Milton Keynes when a group of us (twenty somethings) gathered for a weekly Friday video night – it was probably coined by a guy called Richard, who knows why? Over time it was used by my brother (an occasional visitor to the video night) and I and later my kids. No rhyme or reason! I have wanted to use it in a blog post – so here it is. “It’s In The Trees!”