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Half Term in the Sun

It’s half term (mid-term break) here in Mwanza. The start of a week’s holiday. February half term is normally the quietest of the breaks, the coldest and dullest (weatherwise) but welcome nonetheless. After the hustle and bustle of Christmas/New Year it’s a more relaxed break.
Of course last year this same break marked the real beginning of our epic journey which brought us across the globe and to different hemispheres (Northern and Western to Southern and Eastern). It’s a year tomorrow that I wrote my first blog post and a year ago the week ahead brought the start of the clear out, as Mum arrived to start the process of clearing the garage and garden.


One year ago this coming week!

Now a year on it’s difficult to believe I am half way through my first year here in Tanzania. Time is really flying.
This half term will be more relaxed. We have plans to visit Rubondo Island at the end of the week with friends and colleagues. More of this later on, but we’re really looking forward to it.

Early in the week we’re meeting up with a couple from St Mary’s our old church (Steve and Judy), they run Wabia Network  (a charity doing work) out here in Mwanza and are visiting from the UK.

The rest of the week remains unplanned which is exactly how I like it. One thing very different to the UK is the weather which is scorchingly hot. This has turned February into the hottest month of the year so far and a complete contrast to February back home.

For my former colleagues and fellow professionals in the UK and to any off work this week hope you have a nice break.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone But Not Forgotten (Holidays)

A submission to this week’s photo challenge (GBNF). This was a challenge to find one photo from each of our main holidays over the past 19 years since we were married (and some of the minor ones too!). This post has taken so long to put together the challenge has moved on – so it is gone but not forgotten.

1995: Crete

Honeymoon (21c)

1996: Scotland

1997: France (Brittany)


1998: Derbyshire

Inside the Nook

1999: France & Cornwall (Milennium)

Hol 1999 (16)-1
34 - Mel is 27-1

2000: Spain



2001: Devon

Devon 005

2002: France


2003: Devon

Devon 031

2004: France, Denmark & Weston-Super-Mare

Copenhagen 068a


2005: Italy, Cornwall & France

Trevi 008b


Longpont 013

2006: Czech Republic, Gambia & Lanzarote

Prague 248

22 Lamin Lodge 027

19 Puerto Calero 014

2007: France

02 Le Pas Opton 071

2008: Yorkshire


2009: Dorset & Scotland

01 Appartment 006

Scotland 404

2010: France & Derbyshire

2011: Estonia & Wales

Day 2 (127)03 Down (26)

2012: Olympics


2013: Vietnam/Cambodia & Lake District

Elephant Trek - Yok Don - Vietnam 10

Angkor Wat View

Angkor Wat View

Derwentwater 19 (1)

2014: Cornwall, Cheddar & Serengeti

Newquay (445)Cheddar (26)