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Timetable Time!

T Minus 72

Today I have been starting the process of timetabling the ICT Faculty for next year. Having received the basic structure of what needs to be taught when, my role is to allocate staff.
It’s a bit of a puzzle to solve. Some colleagues are part time others teach in other faculties. Classes in different year groups run concurrently and where possible I like to keep continuity for colleagues and pupils alike. I also like colleagues to have their own room- in ICT that is important as our rooms are used by other faculties too. As we are a split site it also makes it easier to have a base on each site.

I always enjoy the challenge of working it all out. As sad as it sounds I get pleasure from the process. It is something I have done ever since the old days as a science teacher, long before I moved into ICT and became a HoF.

Today was stage one and only involved Sixth Form and GCSE Classes, but draft 1 is done. I know it will probably change before long as other factors impose themselves, but these are puzzles to overcome and compromises to make.

This year though I am slightly detached from the process. I, of course will never teach these classes or work within this timetable. Somewhere else in Tanzania, another timetable is being written and classes allocated. It’s a bit weird but exciting also.

I really like receiving my new timetable (even when I have planned it) the hopes and expectations of a new school year.

Unknown names which will soon become faces and personalities. Some challenging, some not, hard workers and slackers; naughty and well behaved; loud and quiet. Even known names can change (for better or worse!) Teaching in itself does not change year on year but the clientele do. I wonder what timetable awaits and what characters lie behind the names to come?