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The Morning After!

T Minus 40

So here we are the morning after the night of Bex Unbirthday Bash /Sleepover. A great evening had by the girls who will not be able to celebrate the real birthday in November. Of course great fun brings with it the devastation of 15 people (us included) in a suburban semi!20140713-100228-36148729.jpg


20140713-100230-36150507.jpg There’s a bit of a clean up which will need to happen, but is was worth it and will give Bex some treasured memories to take to Africa.

Officially Clearing Out

T minus 81

Today it was return to work after a week off for half term. It was a strange return as I did not teach a lesson all day. My year 11 and 13 groups having left and my year 12 being on study leave.
Today was a day to start clearing my office.

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