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I think I must be acclimatising. Tonight I’m in long sleeves and long trousers after a dull wet day in Mwanza. It feels cool although I’ve been in short sleeves all day. Looking at the weather forecast it is 25°C outside with a real feel of 24°C. In the UK I’d be in shorts for certain. I’d hate to think how I’d feel if I were back in the 9°C of Milton Keynes. It’s amazing how our bodies adapt!



The Heat is On!

T + 19

After a gentle introduction to Mwanza during the first couple of weeks. The temperatures are on the rise. We have had a hot and sunny week. The temperatures hitting a high of 30°C and not dropping below 20°C.
Working in a hot ICT suite is challenging and there is definitely no air com here. It remains to be seen how hot it will get, but the heat is on!IMG_8762.JPGIMG_8763.JPG

Taste of Tanzania

T Minus 36

Tomorrow we are expecting the hottest day of the year in the South East of England, though it’s been hot today (reaching 27°C ) tomorrow may see the mercury rise to 30°C. So hot in fact we have been told we should not teach in the ICT suites.
These rooms, hot at the best of times lack air conditioning and have poor ventilation. The combined heat of 31 PC’s is enough to make the rooms a steady 26°C even in winter. The addition of a hot summers day makes it unbearable. As I ponder this I am fully aware that in Mwanza these outdoor temperatures are commonplace and I will be teaching in a Computer Suite with no real alternative. It remains to be seen what the ventilation is like at my new school. I consider this weeks weather good preparation.20140717-195229-71549089.jpg