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Bukoba Dawn!

Back in Tanzania. One last morning on holiday. Bukoba Dawn! 


Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow Sunsets

Many of this week’s submission was also submitted in an earlier photo challenge- work of art

Sunrises and sunsets from across the globe – although red is a predominant colour, I think that yellows and golds are major components of a good sunrise/sunset

Wag Hill Dawn

Whilst away at Wag Hill we had a fantastic dawn on Sunday morning – although many of the photos are already in the Wag Hill post I thought they deserved their own post with a few extra. The photos were not of the sunrise  in the East, but of the effect of the light on the storm clouds out to the West.

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The Longest Day!

T Minus 62

So today is the longest day – the longest day of the year and the longest day for many years to come.



Life in Mwanza will be different, not least in the regularity of sun rise and sun sets. Twelve hour days and twelve hour nights, day in day out. My experiences of The Gambia and The Far East found it a strange thing for it to be both hot and dark in the evening. In the UK that never happens – long dark nights mean winter, long bright days mean summer. Equatorial living is something I’m just going to have to get used to!

Evening Meal in Serekunda, Gambia

Evening Meal in Serekunda, Gambia

Ho Chi Minh City at Night

Ho Chi Minh City at Night

Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art (6) – Sunsets

An entry to this week’s photo challenge. Sunrises and sunsets from across the globe – these are amazing works of Art freely available on any clear morning or evening.


Equinox Living!

T minus 158

Today is NOT the equinox! Even though the length of the day today ( from Sunrise to Sunset) is almost exactly 12 hours here in Milton Keynes. Continue reading