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Weekly Photo Challenge: (Uncertain) State of Mind

For my second contribution to this week’s photo challenge on the theme State of Mind I have chosen a completely opposite image to the tranquility of the last one.

In so doing I am perhaps sharing something hitherto unmentioned in this blog and in truth I will not obviously state it even here but maybe one day I will. We remain happy here in Mwanza in lots of ways but not in every aspect. There are big frustrations and even road blocks. Suffice to say the images of the much repaired but obviously decaying road bridge taken in Malawi last summer convey this aspect of life in Mwanza. It used to carry vehicles but is no longer fit for purpose. Not every road runs smoothly and sometimes the road is ahead is rough and perhaps is ultimately impassable, at which point you need to find another road. Personally I am hoping the road will eventually run smoothly again but for now the road bridge is a suitable image.

If this  is all a bit cryptic  – sorry I can’t be more forthcoming!

Weekly Photo Challenge : (Tranquil) State of Mind

As I sit here late on a Friday evening listening to music from the latest Ministry of Sound Chilled House Compilation the image coming to mind is one of tranquility. 

So here is my contribution to the Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind taken from our recent holiday near Tangaimg_6274https://soundcloud.com/erasedtapes/ kiasmos-looped