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The Scourge of Tanzania

 We are staying in a beautiful place. The wildlife is amazing, crabs of numerous variety scamper sideways across the beach, waders wade the shallow seas and the sands for Crustacea and palms sway gently in the sea breezes and yet….

…even here the scourge of Tanzania prevails. Plastic!

Bottles litter the beach.

 This is a small fraction of those I picked up in the last 100m of a walk back to Peponi – I could not carry more with ease.

 Many Tanzanians, sadly do not dispose of rubbish wisely – plastics are dropped or purposely swept overboard from boats – there is no regard for the environment here. So a place as isolated as this stretch of coast is blighted.

 In truth it is possible to overlook the litter – there are not great clumps of rubbish. However, dotted along the beach are bottles and bags, lids and tops, sacks and rope all plastic all dumped, only slowly (very very slowly) degrading on the sand.

The previous photo blown up!

The Pits

Day by day we produce a lot of waste – sadly there is no recycling here other than for glass bottles which are taken back to the shop/ bar for a returned deposit.

Plastics, metals and paper packaging are just thrown away. It doesn’t matter how much we might look after our rubbish – in the end it’s going to be dumped by someone or burned. Quite hard when we came from one of the recycling pioneers, Milton Keynes.

One way we do recycle our waste is in the Pit. We had one dig out by the Askaris just after we arrived and it takes all our organic refuse.

We have just filled our old pit and so today we have had another one dug. Over the year all the vegetable matter, bones, egg shells, tea bags etc will go in. We have just covered over our old pit with some soil so over the next few months it should all mulch down to a compost.

 The soil here is quite poor in terms of nutrients so hopefully this will help in time to come.

The new pit, like the old will attract the animals, the compound dogs, our cat, mongooses and various birds will go in there from time to time.

22 Compound Life (22) Compound (9)

Morning Sweep

Each morning on the walk to work we pass through another local Tanzanian school. The children brightly dressed in purple and yellow, are working away with little brushes, home made out of palm branches, they sweep the paths around their school. The patterns on the soil following a sine curve in the sand. Leaves and some rubbish is collected into sacks which are deposited elsewhere.

Then at 7:30 the gong sounds and they rush to lessons; some stragglers running to get there on time.

Mwanza is Rubbish!

….or more accurately there’s a lot of rubbish (garbage) in Mwanza. Continue reading