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Weekly Photo Challenge: Spare (The Turtle)

Another contribution to this week’s photo challenge:Spare. It was not my intention to give my contributions an animal theme, but today’s events give no option.

Coming out of church we discovered a group of boys with a bag – in the bag was a turtle. They were probably going to sell for food for money. So we decided to spare the turtle it’s fate and pay for it with a spare 5000TzS (£1.56) change. 

Then we took it in the car to a local marsh where we let it loose.

Hopefully it will live to see another day. It turns out to have been a William’s Mud Turtle.


Weekly Photo challenge: Chameleon Change

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Change.”

My last post was all about the Chameleon in the garden earlier this week – a perfect example of change – so here it is again.

Chameleon in the Garden

This evening we came across this amazing creature crawling along the path. Spotted by our neighbour we watched as it crossed the path and climbed the rocks before clambering into a Coelus plant. This gave us a great opportunity to see its colour changing body.