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Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic (of a time of Evil)

A submission to this weeks photo challenge : Relic

I wondered about posting this. However, sometimes relics are designed to make us think; to ponder the evil of mankind on mankind. These relics a salutary reminder of inhumanity to man. These pictures taken from two places in Cambodia are there to speak of the horrors of the Khmer Rouge. Cheoung Ek (aka The Killing Fields) is a place where countless innocents were murdered in the 1970’s. S-21 in a prison camp within Phnom Penh where supposed dissidents were tortured and murdered. Some of the relics below are gruesome. Their purpose, to serve as a warning to future generations and to commemorate the dead.You have been warned.

Cheoung Ek


Mausoleum at Cheoung Ek (Filled from top to bottom with Skulls of the murdered)


Skulls of the murdered at Cheoung Ek


Pieces of bones remaining after excavation in 1980


The killing tree where children were murdered



Torture chamber at S-21


The rules governing the prisoners in the torture chamber


Photos of the condemned



Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic (Hadrian’s Wall)

A submission to this weeks photo challenge : Relic

Hadrian’s Wall in Northumbria England, a relic of Roman rule.20140715-182435-66275166.jpg



Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic (Computing)

A submission to this weeks photo challenge : Relic In this world of modern technology it’s amazing to think how far we have come in 70 years, especially in the last 25 years. Near to where I currently live is Bletchley Park, the secretive home to the world’s first electronically programmable computer ‘Colossus’. This device enabled the British to unscramble the German secret messages and helped for shorten World War Two. The pictures below are of a re-construction of this pioneering machine now a relic of a bygone era.

There is a museum there which is full of computer relics from the recent past.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic (Tin Mine)

A submission to this weeks photo challenge : Relic
An disused Tin Mine on the North Coast of Cornwall near St Agnes. A relic of a long gone industry.