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Weekly Photo Challenge: Chaos Reigned / Chaos Rained

A contribution to this week’s photo challenge on the theme  of Chaos. Taken just over a year ago on the morning the heavy rains arrived just as people were heading of to work. The ensuing torrents of water turned roads into rivers and chaos reigned (and rained!).

So far we have not had a repeat – the rains though probably now started have been overnight, but they are getting heavier – it’s only a matter of time before chaos reigns again.

Washing in the Rainy Season!

Our house looks like the proverbial Chinese Laundry. Clothes hang from impromptu places in various stages of drying. 

 It’s rainy season and at some point each day we are going to get a thunderstorm or maybe two.  When it’s dry it’s hot but there’s no guarantee how long it will last – it’s certainly not breezy here so the clothes rarely have a chance to reach their full desiccation before a downpour.

So it is we have to risk the out door lines hoping to reduce the number of damp items on each pass whilst an ever increasing backlog of clothes follow on behind.  

 We have taken to putting up a line under the roof of the verandah but this spoils the view and they drip onto the table. 


No launderettes here in town to reduce the backlog no washer dryer (in fact no washer) in the house.  

One good thing is that the rain, most days can be short-lived and soon returns to hot and humid (if not dry!).

 The rainy season this year seems longer and wetter than 2014 – it should be on it’s way by Christmas unless El Ninyo is planning to mix things up a bit.

Roll on the dry season!

A Shortcut To Mushrooms

The rainy season is in full swing here in Mwanza with a downpour at some point every day at the moment. The once parched land is lush and green and plants are in full flower and birds in breeding mode.

On the borders of our garden all of a sudden mushrooms have appeared overnight – I doubt these are edible and certainly I’m not taking the risk.


The Kiswahili for mushroom is uyoga and many mushrooms is uyoga wengi.
Sadly it’s not ‘fungi wengi’ which would have been cool.

An excuse to include a clip from one of my favorite films. Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

Hot and Stormy

Whether we are in the rainy season is debatable. The weather here has not been following the usual patterns according to long term residents. We had some rain in September and heavy downpours in October which are out of the norm.
Now we are in November we have certainly seen more thunderstorms and with them some intense rain on some occasions. We have probably had thunder and lightning most days this week. Unlike the UK, where you get three hot days and a thunderstorm followed by cooler weather, here the heat remains. If anything this week it has got hotter – this may be the humidity at work. Between the daily storms it’s usually blue skies and sunshine. The storms are usually early morning or early evening and last up to an hour and no more. As for the heat some say this is the precursor to the true rainy season. Whether climate change is at work and we get a true rainy season remains to be seen.