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A Fan of the Future?

Our Fan can predict the future – honestly! We keep it on each night to keep us cool and to provide white noise which blocks out the sounds of the night.

However we have notice that our fan can predict the future. Just before a power cut for about 30 seconds, our fan revs up to a much higher speed, then the power cut begins. This has happened several times now.

A predictive fan? Well most likely there is a power surge ahead of the power cut. Last night this coincided with a thunder storm. The rains albeit in there early stages have started. The power cuts continue daily, and the fan predicts every one with accuracy.  

Living by Candlelight

A day without power today. We woke up to a power cut this morning which lasted about 40min. Power stabilised for a couple of hours until mid-morning. Then after an intense storm the power went off again and there it has remained off. I imagine this is due to fallen trees and broken power lines, but it’s possibly our longest cut yet.

So here we sit in candlelight – taking me back too the UK of my childhood in the 1970’s. This post is via 3G (millennial technology!) so this may take some time.