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Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped Poppy

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Enveloped.”

Taken last May. during our trip to Cornwall, this Poppy flower is enveloped by the hairy sepals which from which it will soon burst forth.


Red and Wet!

T Minus 79

Yet again it’s raining. It seems like Britain’s rainy season is virtually non- stop. So on that matter it will be a relief to escape these shores in August.

Tanzania will have it’s rain, I know, but maybe a little more predictably so.

I suppose the rain is what gives us our verdant landscape but for me the grass will be greener overseas.

I have said before I will miss our garden and another of my favourite plants the poppy.

This now resides in the front garden, though many years ago, before the decking we had some in the back garden.

I love the large papery red petals surrounding the black centre, and the hairy green buds before opening.

The last of these photos is a cheat as I took this last week in Cornwall at Lanhydrock, but the rest were taken last night in the dry – it’s far too wet out there now 😦

Weekly Photo Challenge: Split Second Story – “Lest We Forget”

A submission to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Split Second Story20140601-140708-50828432.jpgtaken in Loughborough in November 2011.