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A Long Wait for a Long Root

It’s taken three months and three different avocado stones but finally finally we have roots on our Avocado. It’s been a long wait for a very long root. Whilst pineapples have come and gone (we have rooted and planted five in the same time period) the avocado has remained stubbornly inert. I was on the point of throwing out yet two more stones whence returned from Uganda, until  I noticed the root.    Here are the newly planted Pineapples.   …and their older cousins. I have also tried planting orange seeds – it’s early days but we’re getting something.   

Potting Pineapple

The next stage in our quest to grow our own pineapple.

Having removed the pineapple head, placed it in water and allowed it to root for a couple of weeks. Today was the day when we decided to introduce our new plant to soil and much needed nutrients.





IMG_0994Let’s see how it goes  grows.


Pineapple Progress

In just a few days our Pineapple has rooted.

Sadly the Avocado seems unchanged – We may have to try with other stones.



Growing Pineapple

Leading on from our experiment into Avocado growing we are now experimenting with growing a pineapple.

For this you need a ripe pineapple with leaves. You slice off the top, twist off the leaves and then remove the lower leaves revealing the already forming rootlets.


Then it is the same as before. Three cocktail sticks piercing the pineapple top at equidistant intervals and suspend above water in a jar or a sliced open bottle.

Then leave the assembly in a sunny location and wait – the pineapple should root and can then be placed into a soil in a pot or else the directly into ground to grow. With luck we will have a pineapple plant growing before long. To make it germinate apparently you have to expose it to ethylene gas (the easiest way will be to slice an apple in half and put the halves and the plant in a black plastic bag overnight).