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My First Kingfisher

Throughout our time in Tanzania we have seen hundreds of kingfishers Pied Kingfishers, Grey- Headed Kingfishers, Malachite Kingfishers even a Giant Kingfisher. 

However in Britain I have never seen a (Common) Kingfisher. For years I have looked along river banks hoping to spot that flash of blue and orange, but never a glimpse of this shy bird.

Until today that is… 🙂

It started at 5:30 – I’ve not been sleeping well having pulled a muscle in my shoulder. The sun was shining brightly which for me is taking along time to get used to (having lived with a constant 12 hour day these past two years). So I got up and dressed and headed out with my camera to get some early morning shots of Emberton Park – our home for the week. I headed for the lake and made for the bird hide. As I went I wondered whether it might be possible to see a kingfisher – but I had been to many such lakes and rivers over the years and never even seen flicker. 

I am a Christian  and as I walked I shot up an arrow prayer asking if just once I might be lucky. I don’t believe in a slot-machine God who does things to order, but I do believe in a God who cares and answers our prayers though not always in the way we expect – in the big things and in the little. This was most definitely in the little category. 

I sat there waiting patiently in the early morning light. Self doubt saying to me give up you’ve tried and failed many times, a little voice countering and saying be patient – twenty minutes and movement across my eyeline – in the light it was more black than anything but I followed it and carefully moved to the other side of the hide – there it was on a branch – fleetingly and before my camera could capture it, gone. 

My first kingfisher – amazed and thankful I nonetheless decided to wait on the little voice saying be patient. 

Ten minutes on and two flashes of blue zooming across the lake – still no picture.   I shot another prayer just asking for an opportunity to capture the bird. I positioned my camera towards the branches of a submerged bush and waited. Then finally a squeaky call and another bird flew into view. I got off two shots.  

I didn’t get a perfectly posed bird on a branch but God had answered again. He had answered in abundance but not the way I expected. I had seen no less than four kingfishers, having never seen a UK bird before. He will answer in the little things and in the big – if we ask and if we are patient and if we expect the unexpected.


T minus 108

In an earlier post I referred to the need for the need for patience in selling our house and linked it with the need to wait for our Ceanothus / Wisteria to bloom.

Well we have now sold (subject to contract) and the Ceanothus / Wisteria has come into bloom. A juxtaposition of events reflecting timing – for us God’s timing!

20140506-143055.jpg19th April 2014

20140506-143406.jpg 5th May 2014




T Minus 125

I am not the most patient of people. The one big hurdle to overcome before moving abroad is selling up!


We are assured this will happen by the Estate Agents and the property market is in our favour. We have had 15 viewings. We have had a near offer (they haven’t sold themselves and a freaked out by the Solar Panels on the roof? – go figure!). However, this countdown reminds me of the approaching deadline (125 days until we fly). Of course we only need one person to buy. 🙂 As Christians we believe that God is in this and that there is a right person at the right time, but I’m not good at waiting. Yet that is what we must do. I am told that patience is something you need a lot of in Africa – so it’s all part of the learning curve I am sure.

Very soon in our garden the Ceonothus (Californian Lilac) will bloom as will our Wisteria. For now we must wait for this too. Isolated buds have opened….

20140419-122001.jpg …but the bush remains drab from a distance. As does the Wisteria adjacent to it. 20140419-112323.jpg However, when it comes in to full flower it will be spectacular as it was last year. 20140419-111926.jpg Sometimes we just have to be patient.