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Dad @ Papa’s on Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day – my last with my two children at home. So a strange one in many ways. My son will leave Tanzania in a couple of weeks to go to University in the UK. We will leave as four and return as three.So today we are celebrating as a family at Papa’s a restaurant on the Lake to the East of Mwanza. It’s remote with some great wildlife, good food and fabulous scenery.

A nice place to spend Father’s Day.

Weekly Photo Challenge : Dinnertime at Papa’s

Every so often we like to escape Mwanza and head out West along the lake to a restaurant called Papa’s. As well as a meal you get to see some wildlife with your dinner. Here from a selection of visits over the past 18 months, is my contribution to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Dinnertime


Today was a Bank Holiday here, so courtesy of a colleague we headed out of Mwanza this afternoon for our furthest trip yet into the wilds of North Western Tanzania. We headed an hour up the road to a restaurant on the Lake called Papa’s. Seemingly in the middle of nowhere this Lakeside eatery has a fantastic view of Victoria and serves locally sources and ethically produced food.

There was a choice of Set Menu or  A La Carte I opted for the former the rest the latter. Of the three courses only the dessert disappointed (rather dry coffee cake which barely registered coffee). The starter of Spiced Pork and main of Pork fillet with mango glaze, roast butternut squash and sautéed greens was delicious and had to be the best meal I have had in Tanzania. The others had the A La Carte which was more varied, some liked it (Chicken and Chips, Steak and Chips) others didn’t (Marguerita Pizza, Steak and Chips!). Personally I would recommend the Set Menu even with the cake element.