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A Long Wait for a Long Root

It’s taken three months and three different avocado stones but finally finally we have roots on our Avocado. It’s been a long wait for a very long root. Whilst pineapples have come and gone (we have rooted and planted five in the same time period) the avocado has remained stubbornly inert. I was on the point of throwing out yet two more stones whence returned from Uganda, until  I noticed the root.    Here are the newly planted Pineapples.   …and their older cousins. I have also tried planting orange seeds – it’s early days but we’re getting something.   

Weekly Photo Challenge : Orange (or Green!)

A submission to this week’s photo challenge on the Orange theme. Oranges are not orange here ……… they’re green. Even when fully ripe! They do taste delicious here, nonetheless. Would you buy a green orange?

Weekly Photo Challenge : African Orange

A submission to this week’s photo challenge on the Orange theme. Orange is the colour I associate most with Africa, in it’s sunsets and sunrises, it’s soils and it’s wildlife, Photos from our six months in Tanzania.