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Another Week Down!

T Minus 77
The weeks are flying by at a pace and with 11 weeks to go it’s beginning to feel like we’re never going to get it all done. Though remembering back to one of Anita’s early posts – you eat an elephant one bite at a time.

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Officially Clearing Out

T minus 81

Today it was return to work after a week off for half term. It was a strange return as I did not teach a lesson all day. My year 11 and 13 groups having left and my year 12 being on study leave.
Today was a day to start clearing my office.

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Keys of Life

T minus 122

I have keys to the car, keys to our house and my office keys. As a Head of Faculty I possess keys to every computer room, my office and numerous cupboards. At home we have front door, back door, shed, garage and gate. Each are so very important and to lose them would be a disaster.
Yet, it seems strange to think that soon these pieces of carved metal will no longer be in our possession.
These keys open many different doors and yet a much bigger door is opening before us which will make each of these obsolete as we hand them over one by one.