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Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument – 5






I could have chosen any number of crosses representing this lasting monument. However, this was taken on our trip to Rome & the Vatican in 2005

Vatican 002


Nothing more to say on this of all days




Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument – 3

This monument in Freedom Square, Talinn was conceived in 1919, during the war of independence from Russia. However, due to later annexation byNazi Germany and then the Soviet Union was not able to be built until 2009.
Day 1 (116)

Day 1 (117)


Given the current situation in nearby Ukraine involving Russia again! This seems an apt monument to share. We took this on our trip to Estonia in 2011

Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument – 2

Two very different monuments from Cambodia – one ancient and glorious the other modern and horrific. Both a testament to the Cambodian past which MUST NOT be forgotten. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument – 1

One of the smallest monuments we have been to. You will find this in Copenhagen Harbour, Denmark. Continue reading