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Weekly Photo Challenge: Looking into the Future by Looking into the Past

These photos taken on Lake Kivu in Rwanda last week are a second submission to this week’s photo challenge: Future.

When we look at anything we are looking into the past as the light from the event, even an event like a lightning strike, takes time to reach our eyes. Yet we could also be observing our future – in this case the oncoming storm which hit just after we landed our boat.

Hot and Stormy

Whether we are in the rainy season is debatable. The weather here has not been following the usual patterns according to long term residents. We had some rain in September and heavy downpours in October which are out of the norm.
Now we are in November we have certainly seen more thunderstorms and with them some intense rain on some occasions. We have probably had thunder and lightning most days this week. Unlike the UK, where you get three hot days and a thunderstorm followed by cooler weather, here the heat remains. If anything this week it has got hotter – this may be the humidity at work. Between the daily storms it’s usually blue skies and sunshine. The storms are usually early morning or early evening and last up to an hour and no more. As for the heat some say this is the precursor to the true rainy season. Whether climate change is at work and we get a true rainy season remains to be seen.

Here Comes The Rain Again

It’s just gone 6am and there is a storm raging outside – even if I wanted to I couldn’t sleep. Apparently the rain comes early here. The windows of our house are slatted and permanently open as (despite what long term expats and nationals say) it is still hot here. So the noises and smells are turned up to full volume. Outside the lightning flashes and the thunder crahes. Petrichor fills the air (you can learn something from watching Doctor Who – it’s the scent after rain has fallen on dry earth). It’s not yet light but for now the power remains on. Whether the rains stop in time for the walk to work or whether we’ll cram into a car (thanks to kind colleagues) remains to be seen. The other day the rains brought torrents which washed away some of the roads and brought some flooding. It brought down a tree at work. Yesterday in contrast was dry and sunny (and hot) so it’s not all rain in the rainy season!
We are going on a camping trip with the school borders this weekend – so just hoping the weather improves a little in the next two days – though rainy season has definitely arrived.

One of my favourite Eurythmics songs was entitled “Here Comes The Rain Again”