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Rainy Days on the Beach

The rainy season has definitely begun and although we’ve had some good weather we’ve had our fair share of showers too! 

 Our hired tent is sheltered under a tin roof and fitted with proper beds, we have a covered porch / verandah and the weather has remained warm. The kids’ tents are standard but come with bedding and are dry enough although one has transferred to a second tent under a thatched roof following some heavier rain yesterday. 

We have been to adjacent beach every day and swam most days. Yesterday we had a new experience having gone down to the beach, when a thunderstorm hit with torrential rain. We stayed in throughout watching the water bubble as the droplets bounced on the lake’s surface. It was dramatic enough in the skies above but calm on the sheltered waters of the bay. We watched the many Cichlids darting about amongst the rocks and waited for the storm to pass – we were no wetter in the water as we would have been be on land. 

The weather cleared to give sunny evening and a sunset viewed from one of the terraces here at Jakobsen’s Beach, where we had a BBQ. 

Some mornings have been very lazy as the rain has lingered from the crack of dawn to  mid-morning. Today Friday has been one such day and I write this beneath a small Banda just as the rain has subsided. 

Other mornings I have been up with the lark (as I do when camping) exploring the site and listening to the exotic bird calls eminating from the thickets and trying to grab a photo or two. Down on the beach dragonflies, damselflies and butterflies (in many colours) have danced about on the sand in the sun.  

We have ventured into Kigoma a couple of times to get provisions, but mainly (unusually for us here in Africa) we have stayed in one place and relaxed. Tomorrow we return on the long drive back to Mwanza. Reflecting back on the whole experience has been peaceful calm and very relaxing. I would certainly recommend Jakobsen’s Beach, if you’re ever in the vicinity. 


Zebra for Breakfast!

There are not many places you can go in the world where you can encounter wild zebras close up and on foot. Jakobsen’s Beach is one such place. How they arrived here is a mystery – the nearest game parks are a few hundred miles or so to the north and south of Kigoma, but a few years ago a small group of zebras found Jakobsen’s Beach and decided to stay. 

Every morning we wake up to the site of these magnificent creatures feasting on the lawn of the neighboring cottage – there are four in total in this mini-herd three females and a young male. Each zebra pattern is unique like a finger print apparently.

The owner tells us that he is in contact with the Jane Goodhall institute with a view to making Jakobsen’s Beach a sanctuary area. Apparently this would involve fencing off the property to keep them in. At the moment they can wander off and we have seen them close to the edge of the property near to the road.
It seems strange to see zebras in a forest – they would normally be associated with savannah but they survive happily here. They roam the site in search of grass and the accommodation areas have plenty to offer (and give us a good view too!). They slao supplimrnt this with seed pods they eat eithin the forest areas. 

 So every morning we enjoy the sight of zebra for breakfast and although the group is small, since inbreeding is not apparently a problem in zebras their presence here seems assured for time to come.