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Why I’m supporting Hungary tonight!

I have no particular affinity to Hungary. I have been lucky enough to visit once back in 1993, spending a great day with some Slovakian friends in the Hungarian capital, Budapest. Beyond that nothing else. I’ve visited Austria more often, four times in fact. Austria are playing Hungary in the Euro 2016 Football Tournament

So I sit here at a local bar in Mwanza, Tanzania supporting Hungary – why?

It all started in the last World Cup. To make things more interesting we took the 32 teams and divided them amongst the four of us. The teams were ranked so that they were distributed fairly but randomly between us. Each of us getting a team from 4 ranked similarly. Each match had one of us playing another and occasion playing ourselves. Points for wins were given rewarding progression in the tournament. Since I had  both Germany and Brazil I had been confident but in the end it was honors even between my son and I.

In the Euros we have done the same with the 24 teams, with the added bonus of extra points if a lower ranked team draws or beats a higher ranked one. More points if you score 3 goals or more.

This time round I have Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Republic of Ireland, Slovakia and of course Hungary. 

So the fact they are 2-0 up against a higher ranked Austria (my daughter’s team) is good for me.

Go Hungary!

We might never return to the UK!

T minus 120

Time to face the truth – this could be the last 120 days we ever spend in the UK! When we fly out to Tanzania we might not return…..

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Painting the World with 3.5K

T Minus 149

I like statistics and as an avid consumer of Geographical data – the stats, indicating where visitors have viewed from, fascinates me. Today we reached 3,500 views!
Who are the visitors?

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A thousand views :-)

T minus 178

Wow! I started this blog 12 days ago and in that time we’ve had over a 1000 views from all over the planet.

Thanks for taking an interest in our ramblings. It’s very encouraging. Some may recognise who they are, based on the country. Interestingly people have viewed us from every continent apart from South America.
We’ve also been followed by some interesting people and (to be honest) some more unusual ones.


This blogging lark is quite addictive you know. 😀