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Praying at the Breakfast Table

Eating breakfast at the bench on our verandah this morning noticed a tiny insect – I was about to swat it away as you do when I realized what it was – a Praying Mantis. Thankfully it hung around long … Continue reading

Weekly Photo challenge: Change (of Focus and Perception)

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Change.”

In this set of pictures a change of focus from the plant to the fly which is sitting on it.

I hate flies, pesky dirty little bugs – but even a fly can look beautiful in the right light (a change of perception)

Wag Hill Wildlife

Wag Hill Lodge is just a few miles outside of Mwanza, the rough roads make it about half an hour by car, but in reality it’s a few miles.  So close and yet so far – this applies to the environment too. The area is forested and landscaped with a number of lodges surrounding central buildings and a pool. We stayed there last weekend for two nights and had a great time. One of the great attractions of the place is the wildlife and in particular the bird life. Here are some of the wildlife we encountered

Dentists, Doctors and Dastardly Diggers


T minus 172

I am writing this whilst waiting to have a filling at the dentist in sunny Milton Keynes. (It really is sunny by the way)

I hate going to the dentist and even more so when I need to have work done. Such is life and it’s all part of the routine of UK living. Soon that will change of course.

In front of me are the usual crop of magazines. Most are, of course out, of date. Magazines on Fashion, Home Improvement and Gardening as well as the ubiquitous OK Mag.

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