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Cinema Night on the Hill

NCLC, our church in Mwanza currently meets in one of the local hotels.

However, recently they have secured the purchase of sone land up in the hills overlooking Mwanza. An area where many of their local congregation live. In tine to cone they will start to build a church there. For now this plot of land serves as a venue for a Cinema night.

These periodic events provide an opportunity for the children to play football and then to watch a  film – tonight some cartoons followed by a dubbed version of the story of Jacob. It’s an outreach into the community and some much needed entertainment. Many adults come to watch too as darkness falls in the warm evening air.

We joined them this evening to see what happens.

Up Hill

We live at the bottom of a hill here in Mwanza, a city of many hills. 

The road to our compound from the main road is floodworn and rutted, but the road goes on and up beyond our residence. In the 15 months we have lived here we have only been up the hill twice and one of those times we travelled only a 100m or so. It’s over a year since we explored the upper  reaches of Mwanza and this in the early days of our time here and on an organised walk with colleagues.

So last weekend we decided to climb the hill.  



The road climbs and winds through the dukas (shops) and scattered ramshackle housing built among the rocks. Eventually ending up at the top of the hill, to give views over Mwanza. Then a short walk leads to a hilltop settlement, more dukas and small houses separated by narrow alleys and a descent back to the road

As it was difficult to get pictures this time (a camera is a valuable thing to get out when there are just the two of you),  I have included here are some pictures taken a year or so ago when, as part of a much larger group of Mzungu,it was a lot easier.