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Guest Post: Mums’ Reflections

Tonight is the last night in Mwanza for my Mum and Mum-in-Law so I asked them to write down their impressions of Africa at the end of their three week stay.

  Mum (Jane)

  1. Vibrant, the colours of the women’s clothes – beautiful and seemingly well dressed, although it might be their only set of clothes.  
  2. Paths along the roads always throng with many people at all hours of the day- possibly because many don’t have a car or bike.
  3. As for transport this consists of a pikipiki (motorcycle) or a daladala (minivan) carrying many people like a tin of sardines.  
  4. Overall we in the West think we have so much, but actually we have lost so much.
    People here  are:
    • friendly
    • very polite
    • respectful (especially to someone of my age)
  5. In Tanzania it seems as if all the birds of the world have made their home here. All shapes and sizes and beautiful colours and songs.  

Poverty always confronts you which is so difficult, but there are organisations trying to help the Street Children which is good.

Nonetheless Tanzania has been a great experience overall.


   Mum-in-Law (Heather)

The heat hit me as I descended from the plane at Dar Es Salaam. Africa here I come! 

The Serengeti was amazing- driving right up to wild animals which continued to graze unperturbed. 

 Leaving our Safari was like stepping into a totally different world, filled with people in brightly coloured clothes, walking along the road or waiting by to sell their wares; goats or cows herded by boys, driven with long sticks; men on bikes with the widest loads imagineable, pikipiki motorcycle taxis everywhere. 

 It’s a colourful vibrant scene yet with none of the rush and pressure of life in the UK – a very different world to mine – much simpler, less scheduled. People work hard, but fit far fewer activities into their day. 

There’s real poverty – so hard not to give to every beggar! But there’s a quiet, gentleness of spirit, an acceptance of a much slower pace of life and lowered expectations. 

 For me, just having time to ‘be’ and warm all the time – was so restorative. I have enjoyed my first ever Christmas in the sun!.  


Week End

T Minus 162

Weeks Fly By

I cannot believe how fast time is going – when we started this blog  it was T minus 190 – 28 more days have flown by since.

Last week went by fast – this week has flown by even faster. I think having a focus i.e. our leaving date is part of the reason. Once the house is put on the market – I am sure time will fly even faster. That still is a way off though as we are still house clearing.

This week Anita has been off work and her parents (Heather and Geoff) were up. Between them they have done so much:

Heather has helped us clear surfaces and the kitchen is looking suitably sparse.


Tidy Kitchen


Cleared Surfaces!

Also the Bathrooms have new floors replacing the tired old ones – thanks to Heather.


New Floor

Geoff has helped with various DIY tasks I just never got around to – the door frame in Bex room and the upstairs banisters have benefited from his hand. Additionally cupboard doors have been repaired and skirting boards painted  along with aforementioned banisters and lots of doors. It’s funny how you live with things for so long and only get around to getting them fixed before you leave.


New Door Frame


Banisters replaced


Warning Wet Paint

Bruce (my brother-in-law)  came over one day to help painting – so a big thanks to him too.

As for Anita – lots of paperwork scanned and shredded – lots of clothes, DVDs and  games sorted and books boxed.Grouting and oven cleaned.


Games ready for sale

After all this  tidying the loft left overs still clutter our lounge and conservatory. It seems never-ending.


Stuff to sort in the Conservatory


Even bears have to go!


Part of the lounge

Tonight and tomorrow, my job is to carry on sorting and dumping whilst Anita is out on Band business. We have an evening off attending a Birthday Bash / Charity Fundraiser of which more tomorrow evening.

Next week Anita is off work again so more of the same.

Geoff and Heather plan to come back for a couple of days next week too, to finish some uncompleted tasks and the following week my mum (Jane) will be down helping inside and (weather depending) out.

We could not do this without their help and it’s great they can be around. Our aim is to have everything sorted for next weekend.

Next weekend is a big weekend

On Saturday we are having an Open House / Garage Sale from 10:00am to 6:00pm –  the plan is for people to come over get some good bargains and we can lose some of the enormous quantity of goods which fill every corner. Anita has sent out invitations via Facebook and hopefully folk will come.

On Sunday we will be  heading to the Car Boot Sale at the Bowl – with an aim of getting rid of much of the rest. Anita and I will be assisted by Mum,Heather, Geoff, Stephen,Fiona, Mel and Bruce – so between us we hope to be successful.

If the next week is anything like the last two we’ll be at the Car Boot Sale in hardly any time at all.