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My new favorite place

When we were back in the U.K. in the summer we invested in a couple of hammocks. Costing just £11.99  from Amazon these have been amazing. Made of parachute material and complete with two carabiners and two pieces of rope they have been really easy to set up. 

We have strung one from the rafters of our veranda. 

It’s a great place to relax after work or at the weekend. For me it provides a new perspective on the garden.

This is very much my new favorite place.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Between (Hammocks)

A submission to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Between (Hammocks)

Two very different hammocks slung between the trees.
The first in a garden of a holiday home in Spain. A hammock of leisure!

Hammock in Ranatikiri

Hammock in Ranatikiri

The second in a Cambodian jungle on a monsoon wet night. A hammock of necessity.