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Half Term in the Sun

It’s half term (mid-term break) here in Mwanza. The start of a week’s holiday. February half term is normally the quietest of the breaks, the coldest and dullest (weatherwise) but welcome nonetheless. After the hustle and bustle of Christmas/New Year it’s a more relaxed break.
Of course last year this same break marked the real beginning of our epic journey which brought us across the globe and to different hemispheres (Northern and Western to Southern and Eastern). It’s a year tomorrow that I wrote my first blog post and a year ago the week ahead brought the start of the clear out, as Mum arrived to start the process of clearing the garage and garden.


One year ago this coming week!

Now a year on it’s difficult to believe I am half way through my first year here in Tanzania. Time is really flying.
This half term will be more relaxed. We have plans to visit Rubondo Island at the end of the week with friends and colleagues. More of this later on, but we’re really looking forward to it.

Early in the week we’re meeting up with a couple from St Mary’s our old church (Steve and Judy), they run Wabia Network  (a charity doing work) out here in Mwanza and are visiting from the UK.

The rest of the week remains unplanned which is exactly how I like it. One thing very different to the UK is the weather which is scorchingly hot. This has turned February into the hottest month of the year so far and a complete contrast to February back home.

For my former colleagues and fellow professionals in the UK and to any off work this week hope you have a nice break.

Breaking Up Reflections!

It’s flown by! Eight weeks ago today we were departing Heathrow Airport and wishing family farewell. A week of induction and seven weeks of teaching have followed. In this time we have settled into our new home and made new friends; got to know Mwanza with all its delights and all its foibles , seen some amazing sights and begun to explore further afield. We have settled into the expatriate community at Isamilo and in the wider Christian expat community of Mwanza. We have begun to settle into a church.

The children have made some good school friends and settled into school life. Graham has settled into teaching and the unexpectedness that comes from teaching ICT in a land where connectivity and power are inconsistent. He has started running again and is enjoying the social side of weekly Boy’s Night. Anita has made friendships in the wider community (both Tanzanian and expat) and her Kiswahili has come on leaps and bounds.

We have been on a camping trip with the school.

In so many ways UK life is a distant memory already.

The constant heat (wet or dry) is a reminder we are far from home along with the exotic bird life, reptiles and mammals. So ends our first half term here and in the main it has been great.
The week ahead should prove very exciting as we head North East for a Safari in Serengeti and Ngorogoro. We are hoping for some amazing experiences and fabulous pictures. It will also be a time for rest ahead of the next seven weeks.

Thanks to all who continue to read, like and follow this blog.


Below are some pictorial highlights from our first eight weeks in Tanzania.

The Day After

T minus 185

A busy day of clearing yesterday focussing mainly on the kids bedrooms.

It was all bit overwhelming at times.

However it is now done and we have clean and tidy rooms ahead of today’s visit by the valuer.



The bin men will have their work cut out today but it’s all been worth it.


Dropping Mum back today and then the rest of Half Term has to be devoted to school work. So the loft will have to wait!

For now the Garage is full – but tidy and ready for a Car Boot in the coming weeks.